Marketing Services

Tailored Packages to Match Every Customer Need … Over the last couple weeks, we’ve shared more information on our enhanced marketing services offerings. Our model enables clients, their marketing employees, and expanded networks to work directly with our team in order to focus the efforts on strategy and planning while our support team handles the day-to-day activities involved in marketing execution.  

We want to work with you to ensure the array of services you are receiving is tailored to your marketing needs.  We have several options that can be used ad hoc or combined to create a services package.

  • Client Strategy services
    • Working with Marketing on the planning, strategy, and execution of marketing communications and campaigns that address the entire customer lifecycle
    • Working directly with sales teams to develop and deploy new marketing materials and sales tools
    • Working directly with your company to produce and source materials, manage your storefront, answer questions, and resolve issues
  • Design services
    • Includes creative design, branding, content writing and graphic design

Additionally, the products and services below can be quoted separately or as part of an overall campaign strategy, serving as enhancements to take your company to the next level.

  • Email Marketing
  • SMS Text Marketing
  • Web Development
  • Landing Pages
  • Video Production
  • Marketing Data & Analytics
  • Social Media Services
  • Online Reputation Management Services
  • List Sourcing

For more information and/or additional questions around the marketing solutions pricing, please contact us.