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The PureSocial Network is a social media movement giving control of the conversation back into the hands of the people - where it belongs! PureSocial is a platform of the people, by the people, for the people.

Your voice will be heard throught the power of the CrowdScoreTM rating system, creating press accountability and fostering diversity of thought.

The CrowdScore rating bar and avatar The CrowdScore rating bar and avatar

With CrowdScore, users determine the quality and accuracy of all news stories by scoring them on a scale of 0 (propaganda) to 10 (factual). Then, based on these scores, a CrowdScore is tabulated and placed inside a bright green tab that follows the story everywhere on the PureSocial platform.

News sources (like MSNBC and Fox News) also receive a CrowdScore. It is tabulated based on the scores of all the stories the source has published. This holds publishers accountable, encouraging them to fact-check and write with integrity.

User comments can also be scored on a scale of 0 (trolling) to 10 (scholarly). CrowdScores are tabulated and follow the comments everywhere on the platform.

Users themselves also receive a CrowdScore. It is tabulated based on all the scores of all comments the user has made. So comment wisely.

Any user can be a publisher. Therefore, the CrowdScore of these user/publishers is based on both the scores of their comments and the scores of their articles. Now things are getting interesting!

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People are changing the way brands connect with consumers, one interaction at a time. We are in an experiential era where one-way communication is no longer the expectation from consumers and the impact of traditional media is in a steady decline.

Our vision is to create and environment designed by the user, where everything of interest is distributed by design and category. Here, your brand is forefront and your network is specific to your tastes and desires.

Free speech drives the PureSocial Network. Join the conversation!

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